There is one thing I hate to do above all others. One thing that just turns my ordinary life completely upside down. One thing that I would rather get a root canal than have to do. Moving. I've already done it twice in two years, this makes number 3. With the job I have I tend to move around at an irregular interval. I was at this place for 10 months, the previous for 13, and before that for 4 years. With this move I'm hoping to regain the former stability that I had. Here's hoping for the best.

As a gamer, moving completely blows too, more so this time. I have to be out of my current residence by the 17th, but my new employer provided residence won't be ready for possibly 2 weeks after that. Even after that it'll probably take a couple of days to activate the internet for the new place. When I say new, I mean that the place has just been built and we'll be the first residents. In the meantime, that means that my family and I will have to live out of a hotel. That is going to suck. Here in our current apartment, everyone has a place they could hang out in. My wife has her office/art room, my daughter has her bedroom, and I generally get the run of the living room (with the TV and PS3). Living out of a hotel is going to put all that out of whack. I don't know what the temp place is going to be like, but if it's anything like every other hotel I've been in (usually the one room affair with two beds), I'm screwed.

See, my wife really isn't into gaming. She does play games every now and then. Mostly what she plays are flash games on her computer. I've only got her to play one game on the PS3, and that was flOw. The only reason she played that was because it was so different from the rest of what I have. I only hope that there is a desk in the hotel room, because if that's the case I'll be able to hook up her computer and maybe, just maybe, be able to get some use out of my console. Hell yes I'm taking it with me. I know that the movers are professionals and all, but I will never trust them with my very expensive electronics.

I could possibly be in luck though. My wife has shown an interest in Assassin's Creed, based on what she's read of it online. Maybe I can entice her into playing a bit of it. I have no problem watching her play the game and have fun. Another possibility is the fact that I only have one controller, but with the Dual Shock 3 having just released I can pick one up and talk her into playing a little multiplayer with me. Well, maybe not. On the positive side, at least with my PS3 I'll have a DVD and Blu-ray player with me. Movies for the win.