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OK, so I haven't written here for a very long time, November in fact. I just so happen to have a very good reason for disappointing all my loyal (don't laugh too hard at this) fans. So what if the only people that actually read my stuff happen to be related to me my blood or marriage? Anyway, on to the excuse. See, the title says it all. I am at war. No, it's not the Call Of Duty 4 type of war, but the real thing. I am currently station at FOB (forward operating base) Hammer in Iraq. I know, cool name isn't it? I hate to say though, that this is definitely one of the worst places for a avid gamer to be. Hell, I can't even get Internet here without going to an Internet cafe that the whole post stands in line for. Hopefully that will change soon. As far as gaming goes I'm hurting big time. No 360. No PS3. Not even a Wii. I do have my DS and PSP, but those little things can only get a hardcore gamer so far. Oh, the humanity of it all.

I'm not saying that buying a DS and PSP was a mistake. On the contrary, I'd be a lot worse off without them. I don't actually need an electronic device to keep me entertained, I do read frequently, but they do break the monotony of a place like this. Here's a little something you may not know, gaming is a very popular pastime for deployed military members. During my last deployment to the land of camels and dirt just about my entire team had a PS2 or a computer. We had set up a LAN between our CHUs (container housing units) and had some memorable hours of Counterstrike matches (no, that wasn't all I did during the deployment). I wasn't very good at those matches, after all I was an avid console gamer used to a pad and didn't even have a mouse to use, but we had a great time.

And that is the whole point of gaming. Some people pick up a controller and instantly forget the purpose of these games. Fun. Contrary to popular belief, gaming is not just about increasing your gamerscore or getting as many trophies as possible. And in a place like this, a little fun goes a long way.

I think that covers it for my long overdue update. I look forward to being able to get online soon with my Xbox and have some fun with other gamers. I may not be able to do it this month, but it will happen. 'Til next time.