The Aftermath

Well, holy crap. That was a pain in the ass. Sorry to cuss like this, I just feel the need to release my frustration some how. Cussing just seemed like a good way to do it. It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally settled into my new place. Even though I still have a lot of unpacking to do, the most important things are done. The bed is together, the TV and PS3 are set up, and (of course) the internet is set-up. Yes this is my first time really going on-line in weeks. Weeks people!

How did I stay sane? I have two things to thank for anchoring me to reality, my PS3 and PSP. I'm really impressed by the capabilities of both machines. I've been pretty much playing my PSP everyday. Well, I had to take Mother's Day off. Had to treat the wife. Other then that, a few minutes to a couple of hours a day were devoted to my black beauties. Crisis Core is a great game (Adam Sessler is still the man, even if he is wrong about it) and I've even played a bit of Lost Planet, pretty fun game, too. One thing I have been doing more though is the video aspect of both machines.

I'm pretty excited about the future of the Blu-Ray disc. Every week there are more and more great movies being released for the format. It is kinda depressing seeing the almost non-existent HD-DVD section these days, but like a car accident, I can't help but look. The store I frequent has a smaller selection of HD-DVDs then they have for UMD. If that isn't the end, what is? I know we'll be seeing the format around for at least a few more months, after that we'll only be seeing them in history books and yard sales. Maybe not history books, but probably video and gaming magazines and web sites doing a retrospective.

Spending almost all of the day with two other people (family members at that) in one very small room is stressful to say the least. Part of that kept us from tearing out each others throats was compromising about what to do each night. Due to a generous gesture on my part, I limited my PS3 use to once every few days. We ended watching a lot of movies, seeing quite a few good ones at that. For those of you that haven't yet, watch The Mist. The ending is perfectly Steven King. I still have the Blu-Ray version of The Rock to see, maybe tonight is the night. That is if I can pry myself away from The 4400. We did also end up getting out of the place once or twice. A couple of nights ago my daughter and I went to see Iron Man. All I'll say is, if you like action movies with a bit of humor and heart, then you have to see this movie.

Time to go, I've got the internet to catch up on.