OK, I've had a chance to replay a significant portion of the game again, and guess what? I realized that I absolutely hate this game. I hate that level design (boring corridor after boring corridor). I hate that none of the characters (save Cortana) have any personalities. But, most of all, I hate the flood (nothing else needed to explain that here).

Let me tell you first that I really did try to like the game. I started out feeling pretty good about it, not great, but good. Then I started to realize a couple of things. First off, the story never pulled me in. Usually I just fall into a good game because the story grabs me and stimulates my imagination, this game just didn't do that. I felt like that each chapter was disjointed from the last. Instead of traveling to a new area you are just kind of dumped off there. Let me explain. First, you start out on the ship. From there you jump into a lifepod and crash land on Halo. OK, can't really do anything about that. Master Chief isn't going to just jump out of the ship and free fall to the planet, right? Next you travel around the Halo (not too bad here) and end up getting picked up in a Pelican. Here's where the problem starts. From now on you are just picked up and dropped off, no actual progression from one area to another is involved. You are just taken from one place to another without any kind of a decent transition. Because of this the story feels kind of pieced together and just doesn't coalesce.

My second problem, the level designs are some of the most boring ones I've ever seen in a game. The ship is incredibly boring and sterile. I know, it's a military space ship, it's supposed to be neat and clean; but the damn thing is in a battle and severely damaged. So why aren't there more scorched walls, objects on fire, caved in walls or even bodies lying around. What, are there like 15 people on this giant ship? Things don't really get better on the ground. The Halo itself is not bad, not great though either. Then there's the buildings. Endless rooms that look like the room I was just in a couple of minutes ago is unforgivable and here's the reason why. This game has no mapping function for the levels, which isn't a bad thing in itself. Here is the bad thing: When every room or corridor or outdoor environment looks identical to what you've seen a couple of minutes ago, that is unforgivable. Frequently, in the buildings, you are attacked from enemies from all different directions. It's easy to get turned around an lose sight of which way you entered the room. You then look around and see a door; that must be where you need to go right? Wrong. Because of the fact that several of the rooms look identical, the only way I was able to tell if I was going the right way was if there were bodies on the ground, the rooms themselves are no help. Very frustrating, and it gets old seeing the same thing again, and again, and again.

I really do understand why this game was successful though. It wasn't about Master Chief. It wasn't about defeating the Covenant. It wasn't anything remotely tied to the (mostly nonexistent) story. It's all about the multiplayer. Nothing beats getting the buds together and having a little battle to see who's best, and there is nothing wrong with that. I just think that the rest of the experience (the campaign mode) isn't up to par.

I think that's enough about this game, I am starting on Halo 2 as soon as I finish this. Buy first one last question: Why don't any of the characters (especially the Covenant) have an ounce of personality in this game?