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I don't understand what's happening with gaming lately, but I seem to be more disappointed with the games being released these days. The problem with modern gaming is the emphasis on graphics and gameplay with the story going by the wayside. Don't get me wrong, I like a pretty looking game that controls well, but not at the cost of an interesting story and involving characters. It is getting harder to find that unique story, although, there have been some bright spots.

Mass Effect was one of the more interesting games to come out of the last few years. What I liked about it was the fact that Shepard was a really well developed character and the story was new and creative. The sequel carried on in that vein. I don't necessarily like everything they did with the story and characters in the second one, but at least it was mostly original. BioShock was another game that I loved, but unfortunately it's sequel wasn't as involving.

Speaking of Bioware games, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with Dragon Age: Origins, although that could be to my general disinterest in fantasy games. The difference between the treatment of the main characters of Mass Effect and Dragon Age were like the difference between night and day. What I really didn't like about it was that the Dragon Age main character had no real personality, other than what you added yourself. I do have an imagination and can develop a character pretty well in my mind, but honestly, the game doesn't give you much to work with. The supporting characters were great and very well developed, but that does not transfer to your hero. Granted, it would have been difficult to come up with a comprehensive script and develop the main character with so many race and class options available. I don't fault Bioware for that, it's just the nature of the game type.

I haven't given up on finding great stories in gaming yet, even though variety seems to be lacking as of late. I can comprehend that this is not a new development and it's up to the game makers to be better than that. Some developers have been up to the challenge, some have not.
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