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Dealing with race relations has been a touchy subject in America for a very long time, and has no signs of becoming a non-issue anytime soon. Anywhere you look now you will see the remnants of ancient prejudices and outdated ideologies. I know that many ideas or programs in use today are based on race or ethnicity are supposed to help a large number of our population. I know that Black History Month was established, just as all the other designated months, to educate all people and cultures about the history of Americans with ancestry of African origins. I know that the NAACP was created to champion minorities that couldn't defend themselves and to better their lives. I know that affirmative action was designed to diversify the workforce and create a better representation of our country in job hirings. But in the end, what these groups or ideas do is to perpetuate the notion that people of different colors should be treated differently, but not what they should be teaching: That no group is either superior or inferior to anyone else.

Black history, while important, is no more vital than any other group's history and should deserve no more than equal recognition. How many people know that Italian Heritage Month is in October? The NAACP working to make lives better for people is a noble cause, but not if that mission promotes "reverse racism", meaning preferential treatment is awarded to minorities based on no more than ethnicity. My view: Racism is racism, reverse or otherwise. Affirmative action is one of those outdated policies that promotes reverse racism by specifically regulating hiring based solely on race. Again, racism is racism. That's how I feel when I see a game like BCFx on the shelves.

BCFx stands for Black College Football: The Experience. I know that the developers and publisher mean well with this game and have no negative intentions. I know that the game was created to celebrate the traditions and culture of HBCU (Historically Black College and University) teams. I also understand that the traditions in some of these institutions go back for over 150 years. What I don't understand is why in this day and age are we still touting our superficial differences instead of looking past them. I prefer to see the character and actions of an individual and form an opinion based on that. I don't find this game offensive, just unnecessary and unenlightened. I think it's time to stop identifying people based on race and focus on what really makes up an individual. And all of what makes us who we are is more than skin deep.
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