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I've been away from my PS3 for far too long. Want to know how I came to that astute observation? Because an 8 year old kid had a better kill ration than me playing a multiplayer match of COD 5. I have been hanging my head in shame since that day. Well, at least since it happened yesterday. OK, so here's what happened. I was at a friend's house celebrating the birthday of one of his kids. The plan for the party was to show up late, give the boy (a kid I've never met before) his give, make the rounds saying hello and that it was nice to meet everyone, then leave -except that's when the PS3 controllers came out. It went something like this:

Buddy: "Have you played Nazi Zombies yet?"
Me: "No, I've heard of it, but I haven't played that yet."
Buddy: "You want to try it?"
Me: "We should be going, I've got to get ready for work tomorrow."
Buddy, handing me a controller: "Come on, it'll be a quick game."
Me, willpower caving: "Maybe just one round. It's been a while since I've played though. I'll probably suck."
Buddy: "We'll play a warm up match then."

At this point I have a controller in my hand as does the buddy. You just can't have a good multiplayer match with just two, so my 14 year old daughter grabs the remaining controller. We start the game and I pretty much am instantly lost on the asylum level. This had the effect of keeping me out of harms way for the first couple of minutes while I get used to the controls. Unfortunately, that first few minutes of practice did me absolutely no good. I spent the next 5 minutes getting killed 11 times and taking out exactly no one else. I even fragged myself once (or twice). The next couple of games went no better. Even the 8 year old jumped in there and kicked my butt.

I could complain about not knowing the maps and being unfamiliar with the controls, but what good would that do? I used to be good at first person shooters, not great, but still pretty good. I used to be able to hold my own, but that was last year. Lesson learned and humbleness restored. Now I have to get back to gaming and have a rematch. That 8 year old won't stand a chance next time.
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