Oh, so you think your significant other is the best thing since sliced bread, do you? Well, you are so wrong. I know, you have to disagree with me to keep yourself in the good graces of that other person, but we both know the truth. Deep down you do agree with me. Now, what the hell am I talking about here? Patience my friend. I will shortly reveal all.

OK, my gaming habit sometimes get me into trouble. OK, I get into trouble all the time. I forget appointments, forget to make dinner, forget to have a life. My wife knows all this about me, but she still loves me. How sweet, huh? Shut-up over there. Just read the damn story. If I wanted your opinion...OK, I know. I ask for opinions all the time. This time, just wait until the end. This is my life here I'm talking about. To continue, after being so rudely interrupted, my family (specifically my wife and daughter) decided to accompany me to the store today. It's one of those big stores that have a little bit of everything in it. We had to drive quite a ways to get there. What was so interesting there that I'd be away from my beloved game console for several hours (all at once, in the same day even)? Why, videogames of course.

That wasn't the only thing I went there for, but of course, being a gamer that's what I tend to focus on. This store was pretty nice. Lots of clothes, books, household cleaners, you know the types of stuff. My favorite. The electronics section. I love to see all the movies, TVs, and the gaming stuff there. There is one problem with all this stuff though. I want it all and have no budget for it. Gaming by GlossGreen is a non-profit organization. No, I am not a charity (although I have been referred to as a charity case), and I do have a real job where I earn real money. I'd starve if I had to rely on my writing. But enough about me. As the title suggests, this is about my better half. Why better? Because she does stuff like this:

A couple of months ago, after having to put up with a friend of hers (usually a nice girl, but a pain in the but on this trip) she let me get a PS3. Out of the blue. Just like that. I know she did it to try to make it up to me, but i probably would have settled for a movie. Today, after driving for hours, pretending to be a tour guide (don't try that people, especially when it's dark), we finally got to the place we were trying to get to. This is after I got us lost more than a couple of times. And no, I didn't ask for directions. Usually this would make the non-driving person a little irritated. Not the wife, at least not this time. So, we get into the store and start looking around. We find a lot of stuff to send the family (ie...late Christmas, birthday presents. I know, I suck), we finally make it over to the electronic section. Here's were she really started to shine.

First, my 12 year old daughter decides that she wants to get into WoW. My wife didn't have a problem with that. Now looking at this situation, I'm a little cautious. Do I really want my daughter to do that. She's already pale enough. She'll practically glow if she doesn't get more sun soon. I know first hand about not being able to quit a game. Now how about a game that doesn't end...ever. OK, so we tell her we will check out the subscription costs and see about getting the game for her. We'll probably let her get it though (shh, just don't tell her yet). Next, we start walking by the console games section. I look around, check out a few things. No new PS3 games I want to get. Only the Pro and Arcade 360s, no go there. PS2 games don't look interesting. DS? Um, no. Now, the PSP. I jokingly ask my wife if I could get one. She paused, thinks about it, and remains uncommitted. We start walking away. That's when I ask her how much I can spend there (a couple of movies did manage to catch my eye). At that point she turns around. She looks at me, and says a few fateful words. "You can get it if you want to." I just stood there kinda surprised for a couple of seconds. My next response was brilliant. "Really?" She at that point stated that I was an adult and could do what I wanted. I asked my thought provoking question again, only to have her say, "If you want it, go ahead". So, I got my PSP today.

Looking back on the last few years, I see how supportive of my unfortunate addiction she has been. Through the Nintendo Entertainment System collecting time, to the PS1 years, getting a replacement Atari 2600 for the one I lost as a kid, to the PS2 years, on to PC gaming, and now the PS3 decade. Add to that, my new PSP, and I see a hell of a lot of support for my money and time bleeding habit. After we get our tax return back, I have no doubt, that she'll be willing to let me get a 360 (as long as it's an Elite, or whatever the new model will be) to sit beside my PS3. My only question now? What is she going to want from me when she cashes in this manhole sized marker?

Update: To see what I think about my shiny new PSP check this out.


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