Tax Return Season.

Well, it's that special time of the year again. Tax Return Time! Have you done your taxes like a good little taxpayer should? No, not yet? Well, me neither, so don't feel bad. Note for all you under 18s out there: Don't worry, you'll be paying taxes like a good upstanding citizen soon, too. Just don't be like Wesley Snipes or Leona Helmsley. Or even worse...Al Capone. Don't know who they are? Read a book. Since I expect great riches back from the government of the U.S. of A. I have a nice long list of games and hardware to buy (by "great riches" I mean enough to help expand my little operation here). WARNING: List to follow. Probably boring.

2008 is shaping up to be a fantastic year to be a gamer. Every time I go online I see another great game that I want to get. The number of games on my want list is getting very long indeed (and quite costly). Starting with my current console of choice (choice because it's the only one I have right now), here are some of my most wanted PS3 games.

Where to start? I guess the beginning would be a good place, such as early '08. First up on my list is Turok. Why? Because I'm a fan of the original N64 games, and maybe if I buy the whole game my daughter will stop playing the demo incessantly, and of course, I'll get to shoot dinosaurs. I know this game is out now, but due to lack of an operating budget here at Gaming by GlossGreen I'll just have to suck it up and wait. OK government, when I file I expect my money post haste. Pronto. Immediately. Now. Alright, I made my point clear. Looking at the next few months just makes my mouth water. I HAVE to get the Dual Shock 3 in April. I have no choice in this. I had it for my other PlayStation consoles, so why couldn't I have it with this new one? By finally releasing this controller Sony is just bringing the balance back to the force. Maybe this lone move will put Sony back into the average gamers good graces. I'll keep my eyes open for that one, but holding my breath is out of the question. I love first person shooters, so I have to add Haze and Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty to my list. This origins trailer has completely sold me on Haze. Prototype is also shaping up to be one interesting game (the character himself has me intrigued). As far at the end of '08 goes, I'm looking forward to Resistance 2 (for obvious reasons), Dead Space (survival horror in space. SPACE!), and LEGO Batman (I just loved the LEGO Star Wars games). Oh, and a couple of small endeavors called Home and Little Big Planet. I don't have to explain those two, do I?

Next up, the Xbox 360. I have one problem with my list for Xbox games. Specifically, I don't have an Xbox yet. So...that is obviously first on my list. As for games, again, I have to start at the beginning. Unlike the PS3, the Xbox beginning for me would have to be 2001, not this year. Since I have yet to play (with the exception of a brief try of Halo 1) any Xbox games, I would need to start there. I do have a number of the original Xbox games on my list that are must buys. But where to start? The Halo series is an obvious first choice. From there I'll just have to experiment and see what more I need to get. I won't talk about the other originals I want here. I'll primarily stick with the 360 games in this post. Now, as far as those 360 games I was talking about, I have to start with the no-brainers, specifically Halo 3, Gears Of War, BioShock and Mass Effect. I know there are many others, but those few will definitely satisfy me to start with. As far as the new games coming this year, I have to go with Halo Wars (duh), Fable 2 (have to get number 1 also), Too Human (if it makes '08), and maybe that Ninja Whatwhosits sequel, you know the one I'm talking about. Oh, there are a ton of other ones, too that I've forgotten to mention. Plus, I know my knowledge on past 360 and Xbox games is a little less then my PS3 understanding, but I promise to study hard and improve (as soon as Microsoft gets in gear and starts selling Elites again).

Yes, I even have some Wii games on my list. And yes, I have to buy one of those darn things too. So, how am I going to convince my wife I need a Wii in addition to a 360? I'll have to think of something creative and daring (or just buy it and show her after I set it up). As far as the games go, I'm a huge (HUGE!) Mario and Samus fan. Those original games for the Nintendo Entertainment System were some of the best gaming memories of my childhood (I have them in my closet to this day), so all the games that I don't have already are all on my list. Yes, that includes the Gamecube games. I also may give the Wii play and Wii sports games a shot. I hear they are good for physical therapy type stuff, and my shoulder definitely could use a workout. I promise to film myself and post any embarrassing videos here. No, I definitely won't break my TV (as previously stated, I have no replacement budget). Oh, and if what I'm hearing is true, I wouldn't mind trying a little Bionic Commando on the Wii either. A very interesting rumor indeed.

Finally, I have to throw out my wants for the handheld type stuff. I will definitely get a PSP. As far as a DS goes, I'll just have to see (the brain age stuff looks interesting). Why a PSP? Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. I stated above that I'm a huge fan of a couple of familiar Nintendo characters, well, my interest in those games pale by comparison to the Final Fantasy universe (honestly, VII started my on this path and the older games just reinforced it). If I get no other game for that system, I'll be happy. Of course, I'll get more than just that one, I just have to read up a little more on the games. Handhelds are something that I have (unfairly) ignored as of late. In years gone by, I did own and play a Gameboy, and even a Sega Game Gear. I loved both of those systems and I look forward to trying the newest gaming toys.

I know, I probably didn't mention your favorite game. To be honest, this post would be twice as long if I really wrote everything I wanted. Lists by people tend to be boring and suck, but it's kind of a requirement for any gaming outlet to do at least one. Here is my one shot at it, although I can't promise that I won't do another one for an actual holiday (like the one preceding the 2009 gaming season). Do me a favor though. Tell me what you want and why, specifically any Xbox or Wii games that have you interested. I promise, I won't call you names or think less of you for wanting Ninjabread Man 2. I may give you a funny look though.


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